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Hi there,
There's a couple requests for the possibility of passing utm_vars along to the blab zapier that never got a proper answer.

Myself alone, got in touch with BLAB for at least a dozen times during the past 2/3 years to try and get a solution for this.

Finally we got webhooks, which allows us to ditch zapier, congratulations on that, it's an awesome step in the right direction, but we are still not able to easily track our bookings...

Yes you allow custom fields, and we can pre-populate those, but we're offering booklikeaboss integration to a lot of clients, we don't want to make them go through manual complex steps, setting the webhook url manually is already enough, some kind of OAuth approach would be much better, but that's another discussion.

Can you just include the full url of the booking pagse in the webhook?

So if I send my client to bookname.me/myself?xxxx=1&yyy=2&utm_var=z

When he finishes the booking, can you just send that full url along the booking json object?

I feel like this one is a no brainer, and I'm sure a lot people would benefit from this, right now I'm relying on a mirrored version of blab hosted by myself just so I can do this....



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